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September: "Being Jewish in Scotland"
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Jewish Culture Club is a free group for anyone who wants to explore contemporary forms of Jewish Culture!

This month we will be exploring Jewish stories from Scotland, inspired by a BBC documentary “Being Jewish in Scotland”. This beautiful short is an insight into the diverse Jewish communities in Scotland today. It follows the lives of different individuals from Glasgow to St Andrews, talking about identity, family, community, and place. From the busy Kosher delis at Chanukah, to the history of migration in Scotland and the opportunity to meet both reform and orthodox Rabbis of Glasgow, this portrait celebrates how Jewish and Scottish identities intersect and the variation of cultural and religious practices.

Scotland’s Jewish community dates back as far as the 1700s and grew to 20,000 during the 1930s and 1940s. At one time, Scotland had around 20 dedicated synagogues, with many kosher butchers, bakers and grocers. The Jewish community now numbers around 6,000 in Scotland, with six synagogues remaining, but as this documentary shows it is still home to vibrant, diverse communities.

During the session we will share our opinions and thoughts on this documentary, connecting it to our own identities.

You can watch the full documentary here via BBC Iplayer: 

Image: BBC Scotland

Our Jewish Culture Club is FREE and open to EVERYONE, whether you identify as Jewish or are just curious to discover new things.

We are always looking for our members to contribute/co-host our workshops. If you’d like to contribute something to the session or have any questions, please email Gemma on:

We’ll provide the refreshments, just bring yourself and an open mind!

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