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Manchester Jewish Museum ‘Communities Gallery’, Joel Chester-Fildes 2021

Following a £6 million redevelopment our new museum includes a brand-new purpose built gallery to display our collection. Our gallery is presented in three themes:

  • Journeys
  • Communities
  • Identities.

All the stories told on gallery are Jewish but by framing them within these universal themes they hopefully feel relevant to all of our audiences, Jewish and non-Jewish.

Manchester Jewish Museum ‘Journeys’ Gallery, Joel Chester Fildes 2021

Our Journeys Gallery tells the story of the different motivations that brought Jewish people to Manchester: looking for opportunity, escaping hardship, poverty or persecution, and ‘landsleit’ – the move to join existing communities that reflect your own identity. From 18th Century pedlars to 20th Century refugees and Holocaust Survivors, the collection reflects each wave of Jewish migration into Manchester.

Our Journeys Gallery also includes a newly commissioned 4-screen immersive film produced by Heritage Interactive and directed by Dan Lusby. Heritage Interactive produced all the digital creative content in our gallery including this film, our sliding digital panels on our organisations wall, and the Jewish identity tablets in our Identities Gallery. Watch a trailer for the Journeys film below: