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Manchester Jewish Museum Café

Manchester Jewish Museum welcome desk and café, Joel Chester Fildes, June 2021

Our new café serves a contemporary vegetarian kosher-style menu using local produce and authentic Jewish and vegetarian ingredients. Our menu is designed to be a discovery of traditional meets innovative, providing a flavour of Jewish heritage.  It is based on three principles of Jewish food: evolving recipes, meals to nourish and sustain you, and bringing people together.

Our café is an invitation to our visitors to take a moment to gather round a table, reflect on their visit and to connect with one another.

The café is open from 10am – 4pm daily, serving hot food from 11.30am – 2.30pm. During evening events, the café serves a special menu and drinks. We are unable to offer advance reservations for the café.

We use kosher ingredients but the food is not prepared under on-site Beth Din supervision. All our food is suitable for vegetarians and there will also be a range of kosher pre-packaged snacks available. By offering a vegetarian and vegan menu and using ethically sourced local suppliers we seek to be sustainable whilst providing great value-for-money and an excellent customer experience.

Our café offers the following menu, inspired by Ashkenazi and Sephardi style recipes (the latter giving a nod to the Spanish and Portuguese roots of the our Grade II* listed synagogue).

  • Moroccan Dafina, a nod to a traditional Cholent with influences from the exiled Spanish Jews in Morocco. Packed with potatoes, beans, legumes, jack fruit, garlic and spices.
  • Sopa De Grao De Bico, a warm and filling chickpea soup from Portugal. Like most “cozinha pobre”, peasant cooking, this soup requires no fancy ingredients, and is made with staples that most households have on hand.
  • It’s not a salmon and cream cheese bagel with vegan cream cheese, carrot lox and beef tomato.
  • Date, Citrus & Cinnamon Scone celebrating the Victorians’ love of afternoon tea and our Sephardi roots, we have made the favoured scone even better! Served with butter and your choice of preserve.
  • Inspired Specials, changing everyday!

We also have a Learning Kitchen, a space for schools, communities and businesses to bake, cook, eat and share traditional Jewish recipes.


Moroccan Dafina

Bagel with shmear & carrot lox

Sopa De Grao De Bico

Date, Citrus & Cinnamon Scones

Inspired Specials!

Manchester Jewish Museum Shop

Our new shop in our welcome atrium sells books, gifts, treats and memorabilia inspired our collection, Jewish culture and Manchester history. Our shop is open seven days a week whilst the museum is open.

If you are interested in selling stock in our shop please email