Manchester Jewish Museum



A place to experience and explore how we are different, together.

Manchester Jewish Museum is common ground; a hospitable place that makes connections by showing and sharing universal experiences through the stories of one particular culture.

We connect Jewish stories to the world and to our society, in order to explore both our differences and similarities, and to celebrate that which makes people unique and that which connects us all.

In doing so we look to spark reaction and change and to make real the knowledge that there is more that binds us together than separates us.

We boldly explore and combine educational, cultural and artistic experiences to encourage those with whom we come into contact to feel and believe that we are all better together.

We make connections to make things better.



Imagination – we are creative, playful and daring; we open minds and generate energy.

Bravery – our ambitions are motivated by development, growth and change; we are open-minded.

Belonging – we actively celebrate diversity, and we promote acceptance.

Impact – our mission is to be relevant, useful and to make an impact on audiences, neighbourhood, our sector and on society.