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Do you love to write? Or have an interest in exploring music?

Our Song-writing Group meet monthly to work with amazing composers, singers, writers and musicians to create new music and poems inspired by the stories in our collection and your own experiences.

In this session we are getting ready for a performance as part of this year’s Cheetham Cultural Festival!

We will continue to grow and develop our song about Annie Conway. Born Mary Ann Moore, Annie converted to Judaism when she married Harry Cohen in 1936. The Cohens later changed name to anglicised ‘Conway’ and Annie soon became a prominent member of the Portuguese and Spanish Sephardi synagogue in Cheetham Hill – now the Manchester Jewish Museum.

We have also been looking at photographs in the collection of people enjoying a cup of tea – from Tennis clubs, hat workshops to front gardens! This has inspired a new song ‘Two Leaves and a Bud’, which we will continue to develop.

Join us to find out more about these stories as we explore lyric writing activities around food, space and identity, drawing our own experiences into our writing.

Don’t worry if you’re new to the group, our doors are always open for new members – it’s a supportive space to try something new! No writing or music experience necessary.

What you need to know

Our Song-writing Group is FREE and open to anyone, whether you identify as Jewish or are just curious to meet new people and develop your writing or musical skills.

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This week we will be exploring musical collaborations, talking about how music shapes our identities and how it shares traditions and cultures. Our inspiration will be Jarak Qaribak, a new collaboration between Israeli musician and artist Dudu Tassa and Radiohead’s English guitarist Jonny Greenwood.

The Crafty Corner: Shoemaking!

In this session we will be continuing to create shoes, inspired by the story of Nathan Seaberg. Don’t worry if this is the first time you are joining us, we are still in the early stages of making and all activities are collaborative so you can join up with some other members of the group to help design a pair of shoes!