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Take a Load Off

‘Take a Load Off’ offers museum visitors a taste of Sabbath – the Jewish day of rest, that begins on Friday at sunset and ends on the following evening after nightfall. The Sabbath is a time of gatherings, prayer, song, and eating and talking together. Every Saturday, the Museum will have two special sound installations for […]

Synagogue Scratch 2023

An inaugural season of work in progress performances exploring stories of Jewish Manchester, from script in hand developmental pieces to fully formed theatrical work.

Foodie Group: Passover edition!

This month's focus is Pesach (Passover) which is a the 8 day widely observed Jewish festival starting on the 5th April, that commemorates the Israelites departure from ancient Egypt. Come join us as we look at a couple of ‘kosher for Pesach’ recipes!
In this session, you will get the opportunity to meet writer and creative director Julia Pascal, whose show A Manchester Girlhood will be performed as part of the museum’s Synagogue Scratch season. Hear from Julia about the stories embedded into the show and how textiles play an important part in the characters’ lives – from wedding dresses to rag dolls. Julia will invite the group to develop some props for the performance, so be part of helping to bring to life the show!