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Mejedra with Filis!
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Would you like to become a Museum Foodie?

Our Foodie Group meet monthly to discuss, cook and eat food inspired by stories from our collection, artists and events we programme, as well as our own members’ heritage and backgrounds. Our workshops are informal, chatty and a chance to meet new people as well as learn about new recipes and cooking traditions.

Our September session will be co-hosted by Filis Rosenberg who will be showing us how to make a Sephardi dish called Mejedra. Filis was born in Cork, in the Republic of Ireland. Her Jewish grandparents left Russia in approximately 1900, and arrived respectively in Cork and in the capital, Dublin. When she came to live in Manchester she stayed with a family who had Sephardi connections and she had, for the very first time, Mejedra, and has been mildly addicted to it ever since!


Mejedra is associated with the Middle East and consists of mainly rice, lentils, onions and spices and is enjoyed by itself or can accompany other foods. It can also be eaten with yogurt or with pickled red cabbage. We will learn how to cook the dish and create our very own dips and drinks to go with it!

At the end of the session we will enjoy our dish and plan some exciting activities for Cheetham Cultural Festival in October. Come join us and get creative in our kitchen! No cooking experience necessary.


This activity is designed for adults of all ages.

Please note that all ingredients used in the session are vegetarian and some contain gluten. Please email ahead of the session regarding any dietary requirements. The food is not Beth Din supervised.

We are always looking for our members to get involved or co-host our monthly sessions. If you’d be interested in sharing a family recipe, something you’ve grown up eating or cooking, or a dish/recipe that is close to your heart, that would be suitable to explore in this type of group setting, please email Gemma at

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This month we will be exploring Jewish stories from Scotland, inspired by a BBC documentary "Being Jewish in Scotland". From the busy Kosher delis at Chanukah, to the history of migration in Scotland and the opportunity to meet both reform and orthodox Rabbis of Glasgow, this portrait celebrates how Jewish and Scottish identities intersect.

The Crafty Corner: Shoemaking!

In this session we will be continuing to create shoes, inspired by the story of Nathan Seaberg. Don’t worry if this is the first time you are joining us, we are still in the early stages of making and all activities are collaborative so you can join up with some other members of the group to help design a pair of shoes!