Manchester Jewish Museum

Primary Learning

Please note that due to demand, our school workshops are fully booked for the rest of the school year. We have opened our booking for the autumn term, but we are unfortunately unable to accept any more bookings for June & July 2022. We look forward to welcoming your class to the museum from September onwards.

Synagogue & Sabbath

This workshop will provide a broad introduction to Judaism, focusing on the Synagogue, the Torah, and various objects used in prayer. Your class will take on the role of journalists, working to make a documentary film about the museum.

Your class have been recruited to help out!

They will use their skills to find out information, to create a guide to the Synagogue, and to work together to ‘crack the code’, whilst learning about Hebrew, and why it is important in Judaism.

This workshop is suitable for a range of abilities, and is aimed at KS2 classes.

Festivals & Feasts

This workshop provides an in-depth look at different Jewish festivals.

In this workshop, children will get hands on in our brand new learning kitchen. They will be able to bake their own challah bread to take home and eat, they will try different foods from Passover seder plates, and will learn all about why different foods are important to different festivals.

Your class will learn about the connections between food and culture, and about different key points of the Jewish calendar.

This exciting session is suitable for ages from upper KS1 to KS3