Manchester Jewish Museum

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Summer at the museum!

Join us this summer holiday season for a series of fun and creative workshops for all ages. Whether you like crafts or baking, take your family and friends or come on your own and let's make your summer unforgettable! 

The Crafty Corner: Candle Making!

Join us this month as we make our own candles! Using a soy wax base, we will experiment with different essential oils to customise the scent of your candle, as well as creating a beautiful personalised label. We will look at the symbolism of candles in Judaism, as well as some examples of candles from our collection to inspire our creations.

Arts Award: Discover In A Day

Are you looking for fun and creative things to keep your little (and not so little!) ones occupied this summer? Come along to our Discover in A Day, a full day of creative activities and explore some beautiful art in our galleries and collection.