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Time Capsule Discovery

Time capsule

As building work on our building project nears completion ready for its Spring 2021 opening, our builders have made an astonishing discovery of a time capsule hidden in the historic synagogue’s walls.

The glass jar, complete with its wax seal intact, was discovered by a builder hidden deep in a wall cavern next to the Museum’s Ark (the holy cupboard which houses the Torah Scrolls).  Filled with money, synagogue papers and newspapers, these original artefacts are dated from around the time when the synagogue was first founded in 1873. Early synagogue minutes show records of the capsule being laid in the cornerstone of the original building.

Our CEO Max Dunbar said, “This timely discovery comes at an apt and symbolic time when millions of Jewish people around the world prepare for the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, the Day of Atonement, a reflective and thoughtful time of year when many observers look backwards as a means to move forwards.  We are thrilled and overwhelmed by its discovery and look forwards to showing it off in our collection when we re-open next Spring.”


Manchester Jewish Museum will reopen this July

Manchester Jewish Museum will be opening its doors on Friday 2 July after a multi-million pound development. The new museum includes a new gallery, café, shop and learning kitchen as well as complete restoration of its stunning 1874 synagogue.

Restoring our Synagogue Windows

Restoring one of Manchester's oldest surviving synagogues is no mean feat. Learn about the "pane-staking" process of restoring our 1874 synagogue's stained glass windows with Recclesia stained glass repair specialists.

Passover in our Collection

This Saturday is the beginning of Passover (also known as Pesach or Pesah), one of the most celebrated holidays in Jewish culture and marks the liberation of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. Learn more about the festival and some of the Passover items in our archives.

The Festival of Purim

Next week is the celebration of the Jewish festival of Purim, also known as the 'Feast of Lots', but do you know the story behind the festival? Find out here, and discover one of the Purim celebration stories from our collection.