Manchester Jewish Museum

Saturday Sabbath Installation
Take a Load Off


Every Saturday from 19 February 2022


Manchester Jewish Museum


Included in General Admission Price

‘Take a Load Off’ offers museum visitors a taste of Sabbath – the Jewish day of rest, that begins on Friday at sunset and ends on the following evening after nightfall. The Sabbath is a time of gatherings, prayer, song, and eating and talking together.

Every Saturday, the Museum will have two special sound installations for visitors to experience. The work was created from oral history clips in the museum’s collection of interviews with Jewish Mancunians talking about their meanings, memories and sensations of Sabbath. Their words blend with a soundscape built from field recordings, voices, and deconstructed musical compositions.

Produced by multi-disciplinary arts company No Ordinary Experience, the piece was made by musician and sound designer Ben Osborn in collaboration with theatremaker Georgina Bednar and actor Rachel-Leah Hosker.

Please note this installation is only on Saturdays and can be enjoyed as part of the museum’s General Admission.