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Sephardi Food through song with James Nissen
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Would you like to become a Museum Foodie?

Our Foodie Group meet monthly to discuss, cook and eat food inspired by stories from our collection, artists and events we programme, as well as our own members’ heritage and backgrounds. Our workshops are informal, chatty and a chance to meet new people as well as learn about new recipes and cooking traditions.

This month we invite you to join us for a very special Foodie Group workshop, co-hosted by performer, musician and singer James Nissen, who will be performing in our historic synagogue this autumn as part of Synagogue Nights.

James will be sharing with us the rich history and heritage of the song “Siete modos de guisar las berenjenas” and teaching us a couple of verses in Ladino. Inspired by the recipes in this song, we will look at Seco, an Ecuadorian twist on a Sephardi stew that James cooks at home. James will talk about what the dish means to him and invite participants to bring your own spices and flavours to the recipe.

We will also explore some stuffed aubergine recipes and work with the museum’s café team to help develop a stew as part of the brand-new evening menu for Synagogue Nights. Come be a part of this delicious journey!


This activity is designed for adults of all ages.

All participants of the session will be invited to watch James’ performance as part of our Synagogue Nights season, on Sunday 29th October in our synagogue.

Please note we use all vegetarian approved ingredients but the food is not ‘Beth Din’ supervised. If you have any allergies or would like more information on our Foodie Group please email

We are always looking for our group members to get involved or co-host our monthly sessions. If you’d be interested in sharing a family recipe, something you’ve grown up eating or cooking, or a dish/recipe that is close to your heart, that would be suitable to explore in this type of group setting, please email Gemma at

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