We’re currently putting together a crack team of volunteers to work with us on our two year ‘Wandering Jewish Museum’ project in the run up to the opening of our new museum in 2020.

If you’re someone who loves sharing stories and isn’t afraid to try new things, we want to hear from you.

‘Wandering Jewish Museum’ volunteers will get to work with artists, theatre makers, creative producers and curators, bringing Jewish stories to life in schools, libraries, museums and community centres across Greater Manchester.

An exciting and creative volunteer development programme will be provided, including workshops with artists and ‘makers’ and sessions with actors to learn about the art of storytelling, including trips to the theatre!

Specific roles will evolve and develop throughout the project but here are some key examples of where we’ll be wandering and what we want our volunteer team to do:

  • Manchester Central Library – We will have a pop-up Jewish Museum in Central Library, right in the heart of Manchester city centre. Volunteers will bring collection stories to life for people of all ages using a playful and interactive object selection machine. Volunteers will help create this machine with artists and ‘makers’ in Central Library.
  • Cheetham Hill – One day per week we’ll be based at Cheetham Hill Welcome Centre, where we’ll be engaging with residents in one of the most diverse communities in the UK. Volunteers will help devise and deliver activities that bring people together through everyone’s favourite cultural activity: food!
  • Pop-up Synagogues As our own synagogue will be closed, we plan to ‘make’ pop-up synagogues in schools, libraries, museums and community centres, sharing stories of Jewish faith and culture. We already have some ideas of how this might work, but we want more ideas from the new volunteer team.

We believe our volunteers should reflect the diversity of the stories we share. As such, we very much welcome applications from people of all backgrounds, faiths and cultures and from a broad spectrum of religious observance, including atheist/non-practising.

If you’re interested please complete expression of interest form here: Wanderers Wanted – and send to learning@manchesterjewishmuseum.com before 5pm on Sunday 16th December.