Manchester Jewish Museum

Immersive sound installation
One Story, Many Voices


Friday 6 January - Friday 10 February 2023


Manchester Jewish Museum


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‘One Story, Many Voices’ offers museum visitors an immersive sound experience and an opportunity to listen to diverse, deeply personal stories from the Second World War.

From 6 January until 10 February 2023, the Museum will have a new sound installation for visitors to experience. One Story, Many Voices is an innovative digital installation project created by a group of celebrated writers, local communities and members of the Imperial War Museum’s Second World War and Holocaust Partnership Programme’s (SWWHPP) with the help and expertise in sound recording provided by StoryFutures Academy.

Together they imagined and created immersive sound worlds with diverse voices reflecting on war and conflict and its impact on our lives today. During the exhibition, you will have the opportunity to listen to eight stories and hear the diverse experiences of Jewish communities during the Second World War.

One of these stories by Nicola Baldwin draws on the experience of seventeen-year-old Freida Selman, who, like many Jewish refugees, sought safety in the United Kingdom and worked in domestic service. In Manchester, Frieda experiences the day-to-day challenges of wartime Britain, and forges new friendships over a shared love of music.

Find out more about what life was like for the teenage refugees who left their homes to work in new places, the memories they brought with them, and the new adventures they encountered.


The installation contains audio pieces which can be listened via headphones, speakers or through your own mobile device. The volume can be adjusted. There will be transcripts available of the sound pieces. You can also listen to these stories online on the One Story Many Voices website: LISTEN ONLINE

Please note that the stories presented in the installation contain themes of war and conflict.

The installation will be displayed in the museum’s foyer and can be enjoyed as part of the museum’s General Admission.

We would love to welcome your feedback on the installation, so we encourage you to fill the feedback form during your visit, which will be available at the welcome desk.