Manchester Jewish Museum

Victor Esses
The Death & Life of All of Us



Manchester Jewish Museum


£6 Full price, £5 concession

Part documentary theatre, part gig, The Death and Life of All of Us is a work-in-progress sharing which reclaims those stories others would rather erase.

Have you ever looked where you were told not to? Victor Esses made a decision, to celebrate those people in his family the least spoken of… among them are great-aunty Marcelle, who left the Jewish-Beirut community, converted to a new religion, changed her name and travelled the world.

This work in progress is part documentary theatre, part gig and is a reclaiming of those stories others would rather erase. A journey into shame, family and intergenerational trauma; a celebration of complexity, imperfection, truths and untruths, humanity.

The evening’s sharing will include a post-show discussion with the artist. As part of the project, Victor Esses will also spend time with the museum’s song writing group prior to his performance to share his practice and develop parts of the show.

What you need to know

This is a work-in-progress, so there will be sections of performance and opportunities for Victor to speak with the audience to develop and grow the piece.

If you are an M8 resident, you are entitled to free tickets for the performance. Please email your name, address and email contact to: to sign up to become an M8 member and receive your free ticket.

Artist Biography

Victor Esses is a Jewish-Lebanese Brazilian queer theatre maker and performance artist. His practice centres nuanced intersectional auto/biographical stories of belonging, resilience and intimacy, encouraging audiences to ask personal questions about what makes us most human. His process is studio led, creating archives of memory that serve as pieces in a jigsaw, activated through performance. He uses storytelling, participation, multimedia, and live art to create open entry points into who we are now, and how we might imagine better futures.

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