Manchester Jewish Museum

A Storytelling Adventure
Tales of Purim



Adults: £4
Concessions: £5
Children £5
M8 Members: Free

Gather your family and join us in a celebration of sharing stories!

This year on 16 and 17 March, we celebrate the festival of Purim – a joyous holiday that retells the story of the Book of Esther, and the freeing of the Jews from the cruel advisor to the King – Haman. It is a day that people really celebrate being Jewish, with the sharing of gifts, wine, and food – especially three pointed filled biscuits called Hamantaschen. It’s also customary to dress up in costumes, and to give to charity.

To celebrate this exciting festival, we are hosting Tales of Purim – an immersive storytelling experience led by the wonderful Robin Simpson. On Sunday, March 20, we will take you and your family on a travelling storytelling adventure, with three interactive stories told by Robin, and activities to go alongside them. Hear about the boxer Sam Aarons, also known as ‘The Smiling Hebrew’, bake and decorate Hamentaschens inspired by the story of a World War 2 ration book, and create impossibly large hats, as you hear about life on the ladies gallery of the Synagogue.

We will run two sessions of the travelling storytelling, one starting at 11:00am and one starting at 12:30. These will last for around 45 minutes to an hour, after which you will be able to head to our learning studio to make your own Hamantaschen, to celebrate Purim.

The ticket includes admission to the museum, so after the storytelling you can explore our gallery and synagogue at your leisure.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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