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A book-club-meets-folk-session, this Tune Club brings together musicians (of any level, background, or instrument) to explore tunes from the rich klezmer tradition. Richard Fay and Daniel Mawson will take you on a musical journey through klezmer’s fascinating history and work with you on a new musical piece. Bring your instrument along to dive into a klezmer tune in a cultural, historical, and musical context, whilst we build an arrangement together.

Klezmer has roots back to the Middle Ages and was a defining part of the Yiddish-speaking cultures of Eastern European Jewish communities. It gained new influences through migrations (especially to the USA), and is now a global music genre. The club will open up some of this rich tradition for musicians here in Manchester who may already know something about klezmer or may be keen to learn something new and less familiar.

What you need to know

This event is for musicians of all levels, backgrounds and instruments. Please bring your own instruments to the session.

The minimum age for this event is 16. The event is free, but spaces are limited, so please book your ticket.

About The Artists

Daniel Mawson and Richard Fay lead The University of Manchester Klezmer Ensemble and produce klezmer-based shows such as “Amid the Mirk Over the Irk: When Irish meets klezmer”, “Vessels of Song: Journeys into the Worlds of klezmer”, and “Klezmer Klassica”. They both performed at MJM Synagogue in March 2022, during our Synagogue Nights Season. The event is organised thanks to SEED Social Responsibility Catalyst Fund at The University of Manchester.

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