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Artists in the Archives

Artists in the Archives



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Over summer 2020, we paired up some of our Artists’ Network to talk about how they re-imagine archives in their work. We asked them to tell us about what brought them to a place of using personal (family) archive or institutional (museum) archive in their work, how they perceive the responsibilities or struggles of these kinds of approaches and how archives have enriched their practice.

The result is a collection of short films made from home across the UK and in Texas USA. We invite you to watch these joyous, touching and intimate conversations (including dancing in the garden!). We will release the 8 films during November so keep checking back on our YouTube channel.


Our thanks to the following artists who brought so much of themselves and engaged so openly with each other over a difficult summer. We hope you enjoyed the process of meeting each other and making connections:

  • Julia Davis Nosko
  • Victor Esses
  • Adam McKinney
  • Tamara Micner
  • Miriam Sherwood

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