Cheetham Cultural Festival Spring Fling sprung into action…

It’s sunny again and there’s definitely a buzz in the air for the Cheetham Fest Spring Fling. I’ve got a cup of coffee on the go provided by the other half (he’s better at making them – I’m better at drinking them!) and we’re live on YouTube. There’s something a bit sad about knowing that the Spring Fling would have been fantastic live at the Ukrainian Centre in the sunshine with everyone sitting outside – plus I’m missing Sharon’s Caribbean food stall and of course the samosas…oh the samosas…. However, the fabulousness of the Cheetham Festival is in its diversity of groups and activities so following along with Buzz Manchester’s pretending to cut the hedge fitness routine makes me feel at home. 

Our Song writing group up next, so proud of this little gang for keeping together, supporting each other and finding time to be creative while all working or doing vital voluntary work for the community. It’s absolutely been one of my favourite things this year, it’s cheesy but I’m always blown away at how much each group member gives of themselves to retell the stories in our archives. This time it’s been all about Lily, Martin and Maurice who all worked in the textile factories which were all over Cheetham Hill and Crumpsall in the early 20th century. It’s been amazing to find connections with the mums of group members Poppy and Sabz who worked making raincoats in the same places much later in the 1970s. You can see all the archive stories and meet the team in our previous blog post.

At the museum, we’ve also been receiving Shavuot (Festival of Weeks) greetings from all over the world on social media. It’s that time of year for learning about the giving of the Torah and of course eating cheesecake! The festival also features bringing flowers into synagogues and the home. Our team member Andrea produced such a simply beautiful piece on using what you can find near you to make a flower arrangement. We’d love to see your pics!

If you’re new to the eclectic brilliance of the Spring Fling, try some of the workshops for children from the Royal Exchange Children’s Theatre Group, urban sketching with artist Mary Burke or instrument making with Buzzin Sounds. You can also get a feel for all the faces and characters of Cheetham with videos from Cheetham Community Academy, Khizra Mosque, Rainbow Surprise charity, the Crumpsall Concert Band and so many more!

Check it all out here:


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