Virtual Picnic: trips to the bakery and Mediterranean connections in Cheetham

What are you baking this week? We’d love to know!

Jogging memories of Needoff’s Bakery last week, we thought you might enjoy listening to Lily Gerber (nee Cohen) talking about how early her mother would get up to get her bread. She would go to Needoff’s to pick it up and then deliver it to others in the Cheetham community. The key skill of rising early in the baking trade (no pun intended!) never changes it seems.

Lily recollecting her mother

And here is Tilly Goodman describing families taking their dough to the local bakery to have their bread baked in their ovens at a time when most people would not have had the capacity to do so in their own homes.

Tilly explaining taking dough to be baked

Friend of the museum, Poppy who is part of Cheetham’s Greek community was inspired by our blog posts and saw connections with the baking she and her mother had done recently for Greek Easter. On Good Friday they baked Tsourekia and as you can see above bears a striking resemblance to Challah. On the Saturday she made Flauones, originally from Cyprus. They are halloumi cheese and sultana parcels flavoured with mint. They reminded us of a savoury version of Hamantaschen. We’re hungry just thinking about it!

We love to see what you are baking and finding connections through food between different cultures. You can send your pics to Laura or Dara or

Virtual Picnic

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