Virtual Picnic: Sweets Galore…

We thought we would try to sweeten the first day back to school (at home) by sharing a couple of photos from our archives and set you another challenge for our virtual picnic. You can email Laura or Dara or or find us on Facebook @manchesterjewishmuseum or twitter @MCRJewishMuseum

This is Thea Hurst on her first day at school in Leipzig in 1932. She is holding a zuckertüte which is a large decorated cone filled with sweets. In Germany and parts of Poland, Austria and the Czech Republic, children traditionally take a zuckertüte (sometimes called a schultüt) to share with their new classmates to sweeten the separation from their parents. Thea came to Manchester in 1939 with her mother to join her brother Adi.

Here’s Ilse Hamburger, again on her first day of school proudly holding her zuckertüte in 1937.

Your challenge is to make your very own zuckertüte at home and fill it with treats to bring to our virtual picnic. It could be sweets, toys, games, sun cream… Take a picture and we’ll share on this blog and social media.

While you are thinking about what to put in your zuckertüte you might like to listen to Emmanuel Goodman reminiscing about getting a penny to spend on Russian toffee from his grandfather in Cheetham at the beginning of the 20th Century. Emmanuel and his family would ride on his grandfather’s trap to go to the sweet shop. Our lovely volunteer Susan found this clip!

Emmanuel Goodman

Or perhaps you’d like to hear Margaret Langdon talking about one of her first memories of visiting the daughters of author Elizabeth Gaskell and being given sweets.

Margaret Langdon

If you have early memories of sweet treats which would be good to include in our virtual picnic, tell us your story or make a recording on your phone. What sweets are getting you through lockdown? What should we bring to the virtual picnic?

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