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Ilse’s Story

Our music project has been going since the summer, with opera singer extraordinaire Peter Brathwaite and the seemly ever creative composer Joe Steele. We’re also privileged to be working with opera composer Na’ama Zisser. Our community song-writing group has now … Continue reading

Fabulous music-making, Manchester Jewish Museum, Music, Opera

Food, objects, action…

Our friends at the Lalley Centre Foodbank bravely signed up to be guinea-pigs for our micro food-chat, where we explore museum objects using the medium of taste. A small band of friendly and curious participants from the Friday club sat … Continue reading


An adventure in the wonderful (sticky) world of ‘teiglach’.

When we started working with our food artist Leo Burtin and Liverpool-based artists The Venus Collective, we all had no clue what teiglach even were. We knew we wanted to provide a unique theatrical experience for the Cheetham Cultural Festival … Continue reading