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Do you want to join a new group, meet new people and learn new skills? Are you nifty with a needle or can spin a good yarn?

Our Women’s Textile group is a great place to make new friends and practice your textile craft. Working with different artists and guest speakers, the group works on a variety of creative projects.

This is a friendly, safe and welcoming group open to any self-identifying woman from any faith. It’s a great way learn new creative skills and meet other women. It’s completely free and no sewing experience necessary!


Our Women’s Textile Group is FREE and open to any self-identifying women from any faith or background. We’ll provide refreshments and a friendly, safe and welcoming space.

We kindly ask you to book online if possible, but if you’re unsure how to do it don’t worry – just come along and we’ll book you in on the day!

For more information please email

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