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Our song-writing group are a group for people who love making music. Newcomers are welcome and no previous experience needed!

This November guest artist Noga Ritter (the Israel-born singer-songwriter known for her Hebrew-Jazz fusions) will be working with the group to write a new song about ‘change’. You will be invited to write your own lyrics and melodies around what change means to you and what changes you want to make in the world. Members of the group will be encouraged to write and sing in their own languages to create a multilingual piece of music that will be performed at Noga’s performance as part of Synagogue Nights on Thursday 25 November.

Noga will also talk through how she explores change in her own music and how music can have the power to make a real positive change.

The perfect group for anyone who like to sing, write lyrics, play an instrument or just get creative and meet people.

What you need to know

This workshop is part of our song-writing group, newcomers are welcome and no previous experience needed. The workshop will last 2 hours including a short refreshment break.

If you would like to take part in the workshop, please sign emailing You will then be invited to join our Song Writing Group. Places are limited so we recommend emailing Gemma in advance to book your place.

Members of the group will have the chance to perform their song at Noga’s performance on Thursday 25 November as part of Synagogue Nights. The performance is completely optional and there will be an additional rehearsal before the performance, exact date to be confirmed.

About Noga Ritter

Originally from Israel, Noga Ritter is an eclectic singer-songwriter, band leader and workshop facilitator whose music fuses Hebrew Jazz with global grooves. Her songs, sung in both Hebrew and English, weave intimate and personal stories into a potent narrative of social-global issues.

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