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Do you have a passion for music? Do you like expressing yourself through words? Do you like the idea of writing your own songs?

Our song-writing group meets monthly to create new music, lyrics and words inspired by the themes and stories in our collection and by the artists and events in our creative programme.

In this session we are collaborating with the Creative Activists, to turn their poems into songs! The Creative Activists have been writing poems inspired by lesser-known stories of the Holocaust and World War II from the museum’s collections. We will explore how to sensitively and creatively capture the themes and pacing of these poems, creating songs that will be performed as part of the museum’s Holocaust Memorial Day events 2023.

Don’t worry if your new to the group, we welcome anyone who wants to get creative, both beginner and seasoned pro, to write, sing and learn more about stories from the museum.

The group will include refreshments such as tea and coffee. Feel free to bring along an instrument if you would like to.

This group is ongoing, so we may be working on songs and performing them across the year.

If you have any questions about the group, please email Gemma on:

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Anna Lowenstein will take us on a musical journey of the heritage, sounds and feelings of the Klezmer tradition as she presents a solo concert of Klezmer music as part of the Manchester Jewish Museum’s Holocaust Memorial Day events.