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With artist Kitty Martin
Song-Writing and poetry Group



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Songs are strung upon sounds, poems upon silence
– Glyn Maxwell, On Poetry, Oberon Books.

Do you have a passion for music? Do you like expressing yourself through words? Do you like the idea of writing your own songs?

Explore the potential for writing song lyrics and poems with hands-on access to objects, documents, photographs and audio clips from our archive. This workshop will be hosted by an artist Kitty Martin, who will be sharing her working practice and poems while guiding you through a workshop to create your own material from the MJM collection.

Bring a notebook and pen and feel free to bring your own object, photo, document or audio clip to use as a creative prompt.

This playful and engaging workshop will be a perfect opportunity to share your lyrics and poems as they begin to emerge. The participants are warmly encouraged to give positive, supportive feedback – what’s already working well, what areas might be ripe for development? No previous musical or writing experience necessary – come along and give it a go!


Kitty Martin has an MA in Writing Poetry from Newcastle University and The Poetry School. Alongside poetry she works as a workshop leader, communications coach, and as an actor/theatre maker. In 2022 she won Imtiaz Dharker’s inaugural Chancellor’s Poetry Prize. Her poems have been published by NCLA, Royal Society of Literature, and performed by the Lions part and Spare Tyre theatre companies.



The group will include refreshments such as tea and coffee. Feel free to bring along an instrument if you would like to.

This group is perfect for anyone who likes to sing, write creatively, play instruments, write poetry or just loves to be part of something. It’s a great space to find new inspiration and share ideas with a supportive group.

If you have any questions about the group, please email Gemma on:

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