Manchester Jewish Museum

with Laura Nathan and Sarah Lee
Silent makerspace



MJM's former synagogue



Are you a maker? Do you draw, knit or do some crafts? Join Laura Nathan and Sarah Lee, Manchester based artists, as they work on their reflective art pieces at MJM. On Friday, 23 September, they will be hosting a contemplative silent makers space at Manchester Jewish Museum, inviting others to simply sit down, make and think in a quiet space.

Laura and Sarah have recently discovered a shared family history of the Holocaust and their Jewish heritage. They both had grandparents who were makers and who experienced persecution due to their beliefs.

They are working on the residency at Manchester Jewish Museum as part of Narratives, a collaborative visual arts residency led by Venture Arts. Their creative focus is on imagining how we can fix the past, how we can try to reconcile the traumas of those who came before us and how making can contribute to such reconciliation. Other project partners include Castlefield Gallery, Explorers Project, Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Centre and The Lowry.

Laura is currently working on an individual textiles and sound based installation with family letters and documents.

Sarah is working on hand embroidered text and image pieces influenced by the museum’s stained glass windows and the repetition of structures within the synagogue. Sarah’s work reinterprets her grandfather’s experience and his woodcarvings which he made as a way to process what he had been through.

This idea of the silent makerspace comes from unfinished tapestries of Laura’s grandmother and the thoughts that Laura, as a fellow textiles artist, recognises must had been running through her grandmother’s mind while stitching and the great value she has found in silent contemplation and creativity.

What you need to know
The makerspace will be a quiet space for people to meet the artists, to make and contemplate.
You do not need to book for this event, you can just come along and join anytime between 10am and 1pm.
Please bring your own sketchbooks, pencils and any materials you may need to join the making. This event is happening in the former synagogue building, so we can’t use paints, sprays or similar materials, but you can knit, sketch or draw.
For information on access please refer to