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Join the museum’s song-writing group for a poetry & lyric writing workshop inspired by a performative sharing of My Heart is in the East, a play which explores coexistence between faith and cultures in Ancient Cordoba.

Join us for a journey back in time as two performers, French Algerian and Jewish American, share an extract of the play My Heart is in the East, taking us back to La Covivencia, Ancient Cordoba, a time where there was coexistence between faiths and cultures. Grounded in contemporary international relationships, the play invites us on a journey in imaginative realism, allowing contemporary characters to explore the possibilities which language, poetry, and shared creation enables for understanding across cultural difference.

This performance will be used as stimulus for a poetry writing workshop led by Jessica Litwak, playwright, performer and international workshop facilitator and co-facilitated by Rosalind Parker, interfaith collaborator and opera director. This poetry may become the basis for future songs created by the song writing group.

There is no experience necessary for this event, and we welcome audience of all ages and backgrounds. There will be opportunities during the session to sign up to be part of our regular song writing group.

The performance and workshop are delivered in a hybrid zoom and in-person facilitated format.

Please email to book a place on the workshop.


Jessica Litwak is a U.S. based playwright, actor, coach, drama therapist and recognized leader in the field of socially engaged theatre. Jessica founded The H.E.A.T. Collective in order to coalesce her practice and workshops, events, and productions that bring together the practices of Healing, Education, and Activism through Theatre. She serves as Artistic Director.

Co-facilitator Rosalind Parker is an interfaith researcher, specialising in the area of Religion and Aesthetics, who’s work as a practitioner is as Opera Director and vocal coach. Her forthcoming book ‘Dialogues in Religion and Aesthetics’ explores the presence of religion in creative arts in public spaces in the UK, and will be out later this year.


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