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March: Ellie Silver's 'Beth's Din'
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Are you interested in exploring contemporary Jewish Culture? Do you like to share and discuss ideas? Do you want to meet new people and discover new things?

Jewish Culture Club is a group for anyone who wants to explore contemporary forms of Jewish culture – this could be books, TV, film, fashion, music, art, theatre and much more! The group is open for anyone ages 18 and over, whether you identify as Jewish or are just curious to discover new things. The group meets monthly and it’s a great chance to meet and discuss ideas with new people, explore your own identity and discover new experiences of Jewish stories and culture.

Ahead of bringing the premiere of her show, ‘Beth’s Din’ to our Synagogue as part of our ‘Synagogue Scratch’ season, on Sunday 26th March, writer Ellie Silver will be hosting our Culture Club meeting to discuss the themes and conversations that appear in her award winning TV sitcom script. Ellie will be talking and discussing about her influences, her work and the themes of the show. Participants will then receive free tickets to go see the live script-in-hand performance of ‘Beth’s Din’.

Here at MJM, we want our participants to shape our work, so if you think you have a great idea for our Culture Club workshop and would like to co-host a session with the help of our regular host and MJM’s Creative Producer, Demi, please get in touch.


Our Jewish Culture Club is FREE and open to EVERYONE, whether you identify as Jewish or are just curious to discover new things.

We are always looking for our members to contribute/co-host our workshops. If you’d like to contribute something to the session, please email Demi on:

We’ll provide the refreshments, just bring yourself and an open mind!

If you have any questions about the Jewish Culture Club drop Demi an e-mail at

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