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Would you like to become a Museum Foodie? Our Foodie Group meet monthly to discuss, cook and eat food inspired by stories from our collection, artists and events we programme, as well as our own members’ heritage and backgrounds. Our workshops are informal, chatty and a chance to meet new people as well as learn about new recipes and cooking traditions.

In January we invite all our regular foodies and those newbies too, to book on for our first Foodie Group of the year: the Grandma’s cookies edition. This session will see our regular member Martine bring one of her much loved, adored and delicious family recipes to the table – literally!

No experience necessary – perfect for baking beginners and seasoned pros. You even get to take home what you bake!


This activity is designed for adults of all ages.

Please note we use all vegetarian approved ingredients but the food is not ‘Beth Din’ supervised.

If you have any allergies, or would like more information on our Foodie Group please email in advance.

We are always looking for members of the group to bring a recipe of their own to the table. If you have an idea, think it would be suitable for the group and would be interested in potentially co-hosting a Foodie Group workshop, please email with your idea, recipe and cooking method. We’d love to hear from you!

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Baking To Remember

Food can bring people together, it can break down bridges, start conversation and allow us to explore the diverse cultural heritages that make up our city of Manchester.