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This workshop is now fully booked. Email to join our Foodie group for future workshops.

Our February Foodie Group Aubergine workshop is now fully booked.

We love aubergines – they’re delicious fried, baked, stewed and roasted! This squeaky skinned ingredient can be made into a remarkable array of textures and can be combined with so many foods to create mouth-watering flavour combinations.

For our February Foodie Group cooking workshop we will be exploring the history of how aubergines (sometimes called eggplants) are used in Sephardic and Middle Eastern Jewish cooking.

We’ll be cooking two aubergine-based dishes:

First is the popular dish ‘Baba Ghanoush’ which you may recognise from your local takeaway. This popular savoury dip literally translates as ‘spoilt father’ for it being such a delicious treat. However did you know that when aubergines were first introduced in Persia people thought they were poisonous, unhealthy and even caused madness! Now however this dish is enjoyed across the Middle East and the world with different twists using a variety of spices and flavours.

Baba Ghanoush, image from ‘Feasting at Home’

Our second dish is ‘Almodrote’ – a Sephardic aubergine cheese. The history of this dish goes right back to 13th Century Spain where Sephardi Jews fried patties of aubergines, cheese and eggs (the first known recipes using these three ingredients). We’ll be using these ingredients to make a delicious baked flan.

We will also be exploring the ‘seven ways to cook aubergines’ inspired by a traditional Sephardic folk song (singing may be involved!).

The group will be encouraged to share their own aubergine recipes or experiences – do you have a special twist you like to bring to your aubergines?

Our workshops are informal, chatty and a chance to meet new people as well as learn about new recipes and cooking traditions.

What you need to know

The workshop lasts 2 hours in total and we can’t guarantee that we will be able to accommodate latecomers.

If you would like to take part in the workshop, please sign emailing You will then be invited to join our Foodie Group.

Places are limited so we recommend emailing Gemma in advance to book your place.

All recipes used in the workshop are vegetarian and use kosher ingredients. If you have any allergies please email in advance.

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