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Iraqi Cooking with Carol Isaacs
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This workshop is now fully booked. Email to sign up to join our foodie group

Our Food in Exile workshop is now fully booked. However if you would like to join our foodie group for future food-related events and activities please email

Artist and author Carol Isaacs will host a cooking workshop inspired by her graphic novel and film ‘The Wolf of Baghdad’ which will be screened in our synagogue on Thursday 4 November. This workshop is part of our regular museum Foodie Group, but newcomers are welcome.

You will be invited to cook, prepare and eat a range of different dishes mentioned in ‘The Wolf of Baghdad’ including: slow-cooked brown egg pittas and b’ab’e b’tamer (date cookies).

The workshop will be informal, chatty and a chance to meet new people as well as learn about Iraqi recipes and cooking traditions. The dishes will be accompanied by Iraqi-Jewish music and Carol will share images from her own work and discuss themes from her graphic novel and film with the group.

The workshop will finish with all of you sharing a pot of black tea and your baked goods!

Did you know…

That there are many different Jewish cultures and heritages? Click the button below to read Carol Isaac’s (aka The Surreal McCoy) excellent mini-comic ‘Chopped Liver’, explaining that not all Jewish culture is the same!


What you need to know

The workshop lasts 2 hours in total and we can’t guarantee that we will be able to accommodate latecomers.

If you would like to take part in the workshop, please sign emailing You will then be invited to join our Foodie Group.

Places are limited so we recommend emailing Gemma in advance to book your place

All recipes used in the workshop are vegetarian but contain non-kosher ingredients. These ingredients are optional and can be omitted.

About Carol Isaacs & The Wolf of Baghdad

Carol Isaacs is a keyboard player and accordionist in the pop and world music fields.

Also known as cartoonist The Surreal McCoy Carol drew The Wolf of Baghdad graphic memoir based on her family’s recollections, turning it into a motion comic with music. She plays the Arabic accordion on the soundtrack.

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