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Make your own Chanukah dreidels
Dreidel Day



Manchester Jewish Museum Learning Studio


£6 full, £5 concessions, £4 children (tickets include general admission)

Make your own dreidels filled with gelt (chocolate coins) for Chanukah!

Join us for the first day of Chanukah to create your own dreidel gift boxes (Jewish spinning tops). Decorate and stick together your dreidel templates and fill them with delicious gelt (chocolate coins) in this fun activity for families! Play against each other to win the chocolate coins or take them home to show your family.

There will also be giant dreidel games in our former synagogue for anyone to play!

Our Sunday workshops are open to children and adults alike and are inspired by Jewish traditions and the museum’s collections. Bring a friend, your family or even a date and enjoy baking together in our new learning kitchen.

What is a dreidel?

A dreidel is a spinning top with four sides, each marked with a different Hebrew letter (nun, gimel, hay and shin). The tradition of playing with dreidels on Chanukah comes from the story of when Jewish children were forbidden to study the Torah and they would defy the laws and study anyway. When officials approached they would take out spinning tops and claim they were only playing games!

To play, each player begins with an equal amount of tokens or coins. At the beginning of each round the players put one token into the centre “pot”. They then take turns spinning the dreidel. Depending on how it lands, the player either gets nothing, half, or the entire pot.

What you need to know

The workshop is at 12pm and lasts approximately one hour. Tickets include general admission to the museum and annual pass admission is accepted.

Designed for ages 6+ but all ages welcome – perfect for friends, families and even dates! Children must be supervised.

We recommend booking in advance as our Sunday activities often get fully booked.

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