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This summer we are relaunching our Creative Activists project, which allows young individuals to find and tell lesser-heard stories from the Holocaust through art and activism. Our Creative Activists are a group of young people seeking to create powerful acts of sharing and connection with our local communities to help make a positive difference in the world.

In this session we will be working with our curator, Alex, who will do an introduction to carrying out interviews and share her best practices with the participants. The project’s main theme is about sharing lesser heard stories, memories and experiences so by collecting new stories from different people in Manchester we can explore topics that haven’t been properly looked into before and shine a light on important social issues.

The week after, during our third session, we will be putting these skills into practice, and interviewing people from different backgrounds and communities. These interviews will then be used to create an artistic piece for a special event organised for Holocaust Memorial Day 2023.

About the Creative Activists

In 2021 they worked with writer Nicola Baldwin and facilitator Kate Bradnam to create ‘Alone But Together’, telling the powerful and moving stories of Frieda, Esther and Lily. These stories were edited by StoryFutures Academy to be part of a touring installation with Imperial War Museums coming to Manchester Jewish Museum next year.

What you need to know

These sessions are aimed at people aged 16 to 25 but you can be a little older. Don’t worry if you’ve missed the first Creative Activists meeting, you are still welcome to join us for this session and get involved in the project. If you have any questions about the project send Dara an e-mail at