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In this session we will be working on a beautiful panel exhibition of textiles that respond to Jewish Mancunians experiences of the Sabbath. We will also be talking about the year ahead and what future exciting projects might await! These spaces are very much about collaboration and co-creation, where your ideas and direction help shape what gets made.
The beloved Klezmer Tune Club returns with first session this year! For musicians of all levels, backgrounds and instruments, a book-club-meets-folk-session that dives into tunes from the klezmer tradition in a cultural, historical, and musical context.

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Let Culture Set You Free

We are proud to be part of Manchester’s world-renowned culture scene. A city of artists, museums, galleries, theatres, music venues and spaces for making. Welcome back Manchester, we are open once more.


We have a growing community of artists, song-writers, textile enthusiasts, local residents and cultural and community partners.

Our community groups are a great opportunity to meet other people to share stories and cultural traditions – and we are always looking for new members.


Our new museum includes a brand-new learning studio and educational gallery as well as complete restoration of our synagogue, providing the perfect hands-on environment for schools wishing to learn more about Jewish culture.

We are offering two half day workshops from September: Synagogue & Sabbath and Festivals & Feasts. These can also be booked together as one full day, giving your students the full Manchester Jewish Museum experience.