Teiglach Adventures

We have started a journey into the wonderful (sticky) world of ‘teiglach’.

When we started working with our food artist Leo Burtin and Liverpudlian artists The Venus Collective, we all had no clue what teiglach even were. We knew we wanted to provide a unique theatrical experience for the Cheetham Cultural Festival (19th-22nd September) which reflected Cheetham’s Jewish food cultures and would give Cheetham a positive energy during the festival. With Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) starting just after the festival, the sticky sweet treats that are teiglach that are traditionally eaten at this time seemed an intriguingly natural choice. We all started on a journey that would feature culinary disasters, movingly heartfelt messages of kindness and a lot of honey!

Teiglachs apparently come from Lithuania but are particularly popular with Jewish communities in New York (where you have to order them 2 weeks in advance of Rosh Hashanah), Ireland and South Africa. It seems like Manchester is yet to fall in love with these little dough balls dipped in honey, ginger and cinnamon but we’ve decided to make it our mission to change that!

Keep reading for updates on our quest for the perfect teiglach – below is a link to the best recipe we have found so far. Why not give them a go? https://jamiegeller.com/recipes/how-to-make-teiglach/ 4c52656