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The Synagogue and Sabbath Experience

In this interactive session pupils will explore the oldest synagogue in Manchester and investigate what a service in a synagogue is like. They will hear how the Torah is read and how the Hebrew language sounds, handling and trying on the prayer shawl and the skull cap. They will also take part in a mock "ceremony" to bring the Torah out of the Ark. Pupils will be invited to a 'mock' Sabbath meal in which they play the roles in a Jewish family. At the end, children will take part in a 'mock' Sabbath service inside the oldest synagogue building in Manchester.
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The Holocaust

More and more teachers of the Holocaust realise that it is important to "put a face" to the victims, rescuing them from the anonymity of numbers. Pupils will explore and investigate the history of Manchester Jewry as an example of Jewish life, religion and culture in Western Europe before the Holocaust. By exploring the oldest synagogue building in Manchester the enduring nature of the Jewish faith and its post- Holocaust survival will be emphasised.
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