Albert Einstein : Man of the Century

7th October 2009 to 17th December 2009.   



‘Einstein: Man of the Century’ provides a unique insight into the private and public life of the most iconic physicist of modern times. The content of the exhibition is particularly unusual because the display has been created by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, to which Einstein left his entire literary estate and personal papers. The exhibition contains many images and documents that have rarely, if ever, been seen before in public.

In the year 1905 a young patent clerk, Einstein wrote three scientific papers which turned the world of science upside down and changed the world forever. To celebrate the hundredth anniversary of this miraculous year the Hebrew University commissioned Einstein: Man of the Century. The exhibition explores all aspects of Einstein’s life and personality, including his political activities, science, private life and hobbies.

The exhibition is a rare treat: and a thought provoking insight into Albert Einstein, a giant of science and icon of the 20th century.