Jewish Experience


The Jewish Experience

There is no better to way to learn about someone than to spend the day with them.

This is exactly what The Jewish Experience aims to show you.

You may have seen Jewish people on the television, you may have read about the Jewish faith, but now you can find out how Jewish people within the Manchester community live their daily lives.

The Jewish Experience gives you the opportunity to enjoy a day out around the Jewish community of North Manchester.

The day will be spent

· visiting Jewish shops,

· visiting the new sports centre

· having a delicious Kosher lunch

· visiting a day care centre

The experience will also include a tour of the beautiful Manchester Jewish Museum, where you will learn about the history of the Museum and discuss synagogue worship and the history of Manchester’s Jewish community.

The Jewish Experience is an excellent opportunity to learn about what it is like to be Jewish.

We encourage  questions throughout the day, whether it’s about what Kosher means (what can and cannot be eaten), the laws of  the Sabbath, or how the Jewish community looks after its elderly.


A Sample of the Jewish Experience 

Manchester Jewish Museum

There will be a talk about Judaism in the beautifully restored synagogue.

Day Care Centre 

 See how members of the Jewish community help their elderly and visually impaired members.            


New Sport Centre           

Here you will have a Kosher lunch  and discuss dietary laws.

Jewish Shops

A visit to a Kosher food shop and deli and a walk around a Jewish shopping area.

Question & Answer Session

Return to Manchester Jewish Museum for a question and answer session.


For more information please contact the programme coordinator Dorothy Flacks

at Manchester Jewish Museum

on 0161 834 9879.