Jewish Historical Society

The Jewish Historical Society holds events once a month on a Sunday evening from 8pm-9:30pm.

The dates are;

22nd March: Jonathan Davies, 'Mordechai Kaplan and his attempted " Reconstruction " of American Judaism'

26th April: Prof Michael Alpert [President JHSE], 'Jews and the Spanish Civil War'

10th May: Community Sgerman Lecture (jointly with JHSE) at 7:30pm for 8pm start: Prof, Sander Gilman, of Emory University. Atlanta,Georgia,USA, 'Mark the Music: Jews, Music and Modertn Life' 

7th June: Dr Benny Peiser (Liverpool), 'The Origins of Modern Judaism'                                                               12th July: Ros Livshin, 'Lithuanian Roots' an audio visual presenation   

18th October: TBC

22nd November: Dr. Nick Evans (Hull), 'Anglo- Jewry and the White Slave Trade'

6th December: Iain Brown, 'Seeking the Jewish Pimpernels -Leslie Howard and Wilfred Samuel On Flight 777 from Lisbon 1943' an audio visual presenation 

For more information on the events please call the Museum on 0161 834 9879.