Garden of Hope - 25th June

Garden of Hope 

Everyone wants the best for our future and the future of our children…but what do our children want for themselves? What do they dream of?

Since the beginning of May all children that have visited Manchester Jewish Museum have been asked to write down their own individual ‘Message of Hope’ on a butterfly that will be planted in our ‘Garden of Hope’. These butterflies symbolise their aspirations and desires for the future.

On 25th June we are inviting children from local schools to come to the Museum where all the butterflies from number of pupils will be planted in our garden.

This event is being held in conjunction with the ending of the beautiful Anne Frank and Family Exhibition. Children who have seen the images of Anne and her sister and friends have been moved by the normality of the pictures and the horrendous future that was then unknown to Anne and her family. It is these emotions which have enabled the children to complete their Messages of Hope and they are truly inspiring.