Hats Off To Cheetham Hill - 10th July

Manchester Jewish Museum is celebrating the community of Cheetham Hill. We are ‘taking our hats off’ to all those who live within the area and make it the vibrant and diverse neighborhood that it is today.

From 10th July Manchester Jewish Museum will have a collection of hats from the Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Sikh and Afro-Caribbean communities, which collectively make up Cheetham Hill. We believe that this variety of traditions should be looked at with great pride by those within the North West and the UK as a whole. Within a relatively small area there is a mixture of food, language and dress. It is one aspect of dress, hats, that we are focusing on as many of the various groups within Cheetham Hill wear hats! The reason behind why people wear hats and the history of the headpieces differs from group to group.

This exhibition is one way that people can easily see the similarities between the faiths and cultures whilst exploring their differences as well. After the great success of our Anne Frank and Family Exhibition, we are delighted to be able to offer visitors the chance to see that it is possible for people of different beliefs to live together.

Hats Off

As always at the Museum, our exhibit is very family friendly. The hats themselves are captivating and children will be given the opportunity to make their very own headwear. ‘Hats off to Cheetham Hill’ aims to educate visitors about the wonderful area that is Cheetham Hill and to give them historical information about why hats are worn.