Anne Frank Schools Day - 12 June 2008

This would have been Anne Frank’s 79th birthday. She died in the holocaust at the age of 16. At Manchester Jewish Museum we are commemorating this day by inviting school children from across the North West to a special event.

She is unfortunately not unique. Six million others like her died at the hands of the Nazis. It is easy to forget that this six million is not just a figure.  Every person who made up this vast number had a mother, father, siblings, friends, dreams and aspirations for their future. These dreams were never fulfilled. They were snatched away by Nazi killers.

Anne Frank

We will be joined in the morning by pupils from Notre Dame High School in Liverpool, Manchester High School For Girls in Manchester and Two Trees Sports College in Denton. In the afternoon students from George Salter Collegiate Academy, West Bromwich will visit the museum. The pupils will watch a documentary of Anne Frank’s life, made by the Anne Frank Trust UK. They will explore the stunning pictures in our Anne Frank and Family Exhibition, asking and answering questions that are raised by these images and objects.

To make the terrors of the Holocaust even more personal, survivors Ruth Lachs and Helen Stein will be discussing their individual stories of survival. Ruth, like Anne Frank, escaped to Holland but managed to endure the Holocaust. Helen was sent to an orphanage in the South of France. The owner of this orphanage was eventually murdered because she saved Jewish children.

This event is part of the continuing work by Manchester Jewish Museum to educate all faiths and ages about religion and tolerance.

Anne Frank Trust

© AFS Amsterdam / AFF Basel Reproduced by permission from the Anne Frank Trust UK