Anne Frank Exhibition: 1 April – 25 June 2008

Anne Frank and Family is a beautiful collection of images and objects that illustrate the life of Anne Frank before she was forced into hiding in 1942.

Anne Frank’s diary has been read by tens of millions of children and adults around the world. 

Her story has become synonymous with the Holocaust, and sometimes it is easy to forget that her family, and millions of others who shared their fate, lead happy normal lives before the rise of the Nazis.

This exhibition tells the story behind the little girl and gives insight into her life and her personality during her happy childhood in Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

Otto Frank was a wonderful photographer and a doting father. 

His photographs start with the birth of a baby and follow a single theme; the life and times of his daughters Anne and Margot.

Anne Frank Photo

Anne Frank Photo

Anne Frank Photo

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Reproduced by permission from the Anne Frank Trust UK

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