11 Oct - Jewish Heritage Walk

Discover Manchester's Jewish past on this walk around the city's historic Jewish Quarter.

In the 19th Century Manchester's Jewish community settled in areas close to Victoria Station (Strangeways, Red Bank and lower Cheetham). Whilst the community has now moved out to the city suburbs, evidence of the city's first Jewish communities still exist today. Your guide, Merton Paul, will take you around the streets of lower Cheetham showing you where Manchester's Jewish community first began, exploring the sites and stories of the city's first Jewish communities.

The walk will start at the museum and will proceed around the streets of lower Cheetham and Strangeways, where you will discover many forgotten sites, including former Jewish schools, factories, soup kitchens and synagogues. A particular highlight is the former site of the first Marks & Spencers HQ and the former residence of M&S's founder, Michael Marks.

Sun 11 Oct, 1pm.

Tickets: £7 (pay at museum on arrival)

Walk starts at 1pm and last approximately 2 hours.