9th September - CONFERENCE DAY TWO: Jews and Modern Visual Culture

International conference hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University and Manchester Jewish Museum (8th - 10th September)

Monday 9 September


Cinematic, photographic and televisual representations:

Ofer Ashkenazi (Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel): “A German-Jewish Homeland in Émigré Cinema: Helmar Lerski’s Modernism and the Formation of Socialist-Zionist Identity”.

Nathan Abrams (Bangor University, UK): “Kubrick’s Double: Lolita’s Heart of Jewishness”.

Amos Morris-Reich (University of Haifa, Israel): “A different anthropology: Helmar Lerski's photographs of Yemenites”.

Yael Shenker (University of Maine at Augusta, USA): “A Room of His Own: On Men and Masculinities in Recent Television Dramas About Religious Israelis”.



Keynote presentation

Michael Berkowitz (University College London, UK): “Helmut & Walter Gernsheim: The Fine Arts and Photography, a Jewish History”.



Judaism and visual culture

Sharman Kadish (Jewish Heritage, Manchester, UK): “An Art Illuminated: Stained Glass in British Synagogues”.

Boris Khaimovich (Museum of the Jewish History, Russian Federation): “Visual Onomastics on Jewish Tombstones”.

Tim Corbett (Lancaster University, UK): “Jewish Gravestones and the Visual Encoding of Identity in Viennese Cemeteries”.

Wojciech Tworek Uuniversity College London, UK): “The portrait of Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liady—revisited”.



Keynote presentation:

Carol Zemel (York University, Toronto, Canada) “Funny Pictures: Signs of Humour in Jewish Visual Art”.

Conference Fees: Full Participant (£100 - including £40 for conference dinner on Monday 9 Sept); Day Delegate (£25 for 3 days/£10 for 1 day/ Free for Best Friends and Patrons). To book please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it