20 June-8 Dec: Chagall, Soutine & the School of Paris


altFeaturing work by Marc Chagall and Chaim Soutine, this exhibition explores the work of a group of Jewish emigre artists known collectively as 'The School of Paris'. These artists had fled poverty and persecution in Russia to settle and work in Paris, where they had the freedom to pursue their artistic careers. Together they had a profound and enduring influence on 20th Century figurative art.

The exhibition features 20 works of art by 17 Jewish artists and includes Chaim Soutine’s, ‘La Soubrette’ (c.1933). A perfect example of 1930s figure painting, ‘La Soubrette’ was first sold at auction in Paris in October 1937 with the title “Jeune servant”. In 2012 'La Soubrette' was acquired by the Ben Uri Gallery, The London Jewish Museum of Art. This will be the first time ‘La Soubrette' has been exhibited outside London.

Originally shown at the Ben Uri Gallery, this exhibition is now being staged at Manchester Jewish Museum, helping contextualise the work of these artists with displays about Jewish faith, heritage and culture.

Exhibition runs from 20 June to 8 December 2013. See opening times.

This hugely successful exhibition has now closed. But watch this space for our next one!