International Peace Quilt

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International Peace Quilt Exhibition - 21st January 2013 to 25th February 2013

The Olympic ideal is one of building a Peaceful and Better World.

As a response to London 2012 children aged between 8 and 15 from countries all over the world were invited to draw what Peace means to them. Through this project children from every country in the world would connect together in one purpose. They would reflect on their feelings about Peace and how it can be achieved. The resulting drawings were sent from 197 countries. They were then transferred to pieces of material and stitched together to form a quilt.

Why did this project take the form of a quilt? Quilting is traditionally a way of creating an artwork which brings together a community. Each square of the quilt is unique to its creator and tells an individual story in a visual way. All the stories in the squares are brought together to tell a collective story which reflects a community at a particular time for a particular purpose. This seemed a very fitting way to carry out a project involving children from all over the world.

Emails inviting schools to join in were sent out and soon drawings arrived back from places like Denmark Kenya and even Iran!! Eventually 197 countries had contributed. The drawings have now been assembled to create a truly fascinating and moving piece of artwork.

During the Olympics the Peace Quilt was located in Leytonstone London and since then the Peace Quilt has been displayed at a number of locations.

Manchester Jewish Museum will be proud to display the Quilt from 21st January 2013 to 25th February 2013. This means that it will on display during Holocaust Memorial Day which is on Sunday 27th January 2013