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Synagogue and Sabbath
Your class will discover Jewish Faith through engaging, interactive and sensory activities created to encourage exploration and discovery.

 The Holocaust
This session will introduce the Holocaust through the perspectives of Jewish religious and cultural experiences in Europe before World War Two to show where prejudice can lead. This will give students the opportunity to reflect on the individual and mass effects of what happened and its current relevance.

Shared Story
Manchester Jewish Museum and Manchester Cathedral can offer your pupils a unique day of exploration and discovery in two of Manchester’s most beautiful religious buildings.

Jewish Experience
There is no better to way to learn about someone than to spend the day with them. Explore Jewish Manchester with your own friendly guide who will take you to Jewish shops, a day centre and for a delicious Kosher lunch!

Heritage Trail
Learn how the city's first Jewish settlers established themselves in Manchester on this walking tour of the old Jewish Quarter. Discover many forgotten sites, including former Jewish schools, factories, soup kitchens and synagogues. A particular highlight of the walk is the former site of the first Marks & Spencers HQ and the former residence of M&S's founder, Michael Marks.