Manchester Jewish Museum Appeal for Objects and Memories
Can you help?

The museum collects material which illustrates Jewish life in Manchester, past and present. Our collection contains objects relating to Jewish ritual, culture and religious life and also the home and work lives of the Jewish population of Manchester. Our collection included religious and cultural textiles such as Torah mantles, skull caps, ark curtains, Challah cloths, tallisim (ritual shawls) and also uniforms, raincoats and wedding dresses.

We also house a fine collection of silver silverware such as candlesticks, spice containers, scroll pointers, candelabras, wine cups, torah shields and presentation keys. Synagogue, home and work life is illustrated by objects such as a synagogue reader’s desk, dedication boards, kitchen utensils, workbenches and cobbler’s tools.

The ‘Sharing Stories’ project here at Manchester Jewish Museum is appealing for new objects to be used in handling boxes. Objects will be used in local schools to bring history to life and with residents in local care homes to prompt reminiscence.

If you would be happy to donate any of the objects below to the museum’s handling collection please get in touch with Rose Stanyon on 0161 834 9879 (Mon and Thurs only) or email

Unfortunately we may not be able to accept all objects offered due to limited space. Objects cannot be accepted by post.

Objects are needed around the following themes:


  • Wedding dress
  • Old Jewish Festival Greetings cards
  • Objects relating to Jewish festivals
  • Royal memorabilia/ commemorative objects


  • Old school bag
  • Traditional toys
  • Jewish Lads/Girls Brigade badge
  • Baby bottle
  • Shoes

Home Life

  • Kitchen objects (e.g. Lokshen-maker, bagel slicer)
  • Recipe book
  • Donkey stone
  • Head scarf
  • Flat iron/ washboard/ posser

Work Life

  • Factory tools (e.g. waterproofer’s roller)
  • Trade Union membership card/ badge/ banner
  • Other old tools used in a trade
  • Objects relating to Jewish charities (e.g. collections tin)
  • Luggage labels
  • Old transport tickets
  • Clogs

Social Life

  • 50/60s records
  • 50s/60s/70s clothes/ shoes/ gloves
  • Button hook/ glove stretcher
  • Hat (e.g. bowler hat)
  • Tickets (e.g. old cinema ticket, ice skating ticket)
  • Over the shoe ice skates
  • Old football boots
  • Society collar

Migration and Settlement

  • Old luggage labels or travel tickets
  • Passport
  • Military medals
  • Objects from Jewish charities (e.g. Jewish hospital, soup kitchen, home for the aged)